Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I drew the line at sniffing people FOR him

Me: Bossman is driving me crazy today. I mean, really insane. I just told him he was retarded, TWICE, and he totally deserved it. Guess what he's doing right now? He's going into the (main part of workplace) TO SMELL PEOPLE. Wish I was kidding.

Patient Boy: (dies laughing) Why?

Me: He's convinced someone has been screwing around in his office. So he's going to find out who. By sniffing everyone in the department.

PB: ...

Me: I am the only one with a key to his office. But I have already been cleared by sniff test.

PB: Wow, he is classy.

Me: Yeah. I think he may have suffered a blow to the head or something.

PB: Maybe. (long pause) Wait, he SMELLED YOU?

Me: Yeah. It was awkward.

About twenty minutes goes by

Me: Oh God. Now Bossman is enlisting other crazies to smell people around the department. I seriously can't wait for this day to be over so I can be around normal people.

PB: Wow. I like your day.

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